Bhakta Satkar

Service to man is service to God

Odisha is known for its temples and its religious people. Our religious beliefs and our reverence for our temples and deities, makes us a resilient lot and helps us remain detached from worldly ties. Lord Jagannath and Lord Shiva are the most popular deities and all the festivals are celebrated with great gusto.

During these festivals, a lot of devotees throng to the temples to get a glimpse of their deities. This is where the volunteers help in crowd management. They serve the people in the crowds by providing them water and food and any medical first aid intervention if necessary.

Serving a true devotee is like serving his deity.

All of us have grown listening to the stories of Shravan Kumar who took his parents to pilgrimage, on his shoulders. It is the same emotion that drives Jai Odisha where we see our parents in each devotee and in their completion of pilgrimage, we seek our salvation.

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