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Admin 18-May-2021

Women’s Day Celebration 2021 - Women Sports Day

Continuing their celebration of the International Women’s Day 2021 and to bring out the little girl hiding in each of our mothers and sisters, Jai Odisha - Shakti organized a unique program at Sahid Sporting Club, Bhubaneswar. 


An all women sports day was organized where 180 ladies participated in several track and field events. Several fun games like spoon and lemon race, musical chairs, throw the ball, skipping race, puzzle solving race and sequence races raise the competitive spirits in the ladies participating in the event. 


The star event that happened at the end was the ladies arm wrestling. It was very exciting to see all the ladies give their 100% to win the event.


A gup-chup stall and a dahi bada - aloo dum stall were also getting a lot of female attention. 


Winners received prizes and were felicitated.


Speaking on the occasion, Rudra Narayan Samantaray, the founder of Jai Odisha - Shakti stressed the need for fitness, especially in ladies. He said that only fit ladies could build fit homes and a fit state.


An atmosphere of  festivities was created and all the ladies were seen having a lot of fun.

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