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Admin 18-May-2021

Women’s Day Celebration 2021 - Temple Cleaning & Feast

Bhubaneswar is the temple city and temples are an inherent part of our culture. Keeping the temples clean is something which is done on a daily basis in all our households and our communities.


On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, Jai Odisha - Shakti reached out to all the sisters living in the different bastis in all the wards of Bhubaneswar. Programs were organized by over 50 bastis and wards of Bhubaneswar where local women cleaned and decorated the local temple and organized a feast celebrating womanhood. The enthusiasm seen at all the sites was palpable. Women were very excited and cooked a hearty feast for themselves and the guests.


Volunteers of Jai Odisha - Shakti, who helped organize these events were also fed with lot of love and warmth. The feeling of being part of the same Shakti family was seen in all of the participants. 


Rudra Narayan Samantaray, the founder of Jai Odisha - Shakti, in his message to all the women folks bowed his head to them and saluted their spirit. He recognized them as the true shakti which drives the state.


The motto of Jai Odisha Shakti - Naari Shakti, Rajya Shakti , was echoed in the skies of Bhubaneswar.

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