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Admin 18-May-2021

Women’s Day Celebration 2021 - Flash Mob & Street Play

It was a busy Sunday evening at Esplanade Mall when suddenly girls started dancing in a sequence. One by one, at least 30 girls joined the dance. When they had all eyes on them, they broke into a synchronized dance.


It was a flash mob organized by Jai Odisha - Shakti.


Once the dance ended, a street play followed which was done by a physically challenged group of very talented girls. The message of women empowerment was successfully conveyed to all the bystanders. The performance managed to get a round of applause from all the people present, some were left misty eyed too.


A felicitation ceremony for the talented group of play artists followed.


It was a usual Sunday evening made more special by these performances. A fitting end to yet another day of celebrations by Jai Odisha - Shakti,  to commemorate International Women’s Day 2021

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