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Admin 18-May-2021

Women’s Day Celebration 2021 - Award for Women Empowerment

Jai Odisha started its Shakti initiatives 3 months ago, with a vision to empower women and organize them from different spheres of life and bring them together on a single platform where they can collectively fight common issues to womankind. They believe that for a stronger nation and a strong state, a strong women force is essential.

In a short span of less than 3 months, they have grown over 10,000 members and have organized over 110 programs across Bhubaneswar, reaching out to women from different strata of society, be it sisters living in slums or students studying in colleges or women living in highrises of Bhubaneswar.

Shakti Awards for women empowerment was instituted by Jai Odisha to honour the initiatives of notable women which have motivated others to rise. This is the first of an annual occurrence which will be done every year on International Women’s day.

Today’s event was hosted at The New Marrion Hotel where a select group of 300 distinguished guests celebrated womanhood.  The event was marked with several cultural performances by ladies. Speaking on the occasion, the guests of honour shared insights about the important women in their life and how they have been empowered by women around them. .

Speaking on the occasion, Rudra Narayan Samantaray, the founder of Jai Odisha and the vision behind Shakti said that women carried in them the power of trinity, that of creation, maintaining and destruction of life and that they need to be respected each day and not a single day. He thanked all the guests and participants for making the women day’s celebration a grand success.

Thus ended the three day celebration of womanhood by Jai Odisha Shakti

1st Shakti Awards for Women Empowerment

Chief Guest - Shri Arup Patnaik

Guests of Honour --  Dr. Isha Mishra (Education), Smt. Sulata Deo (Politics), Smt. Sikata Das (Business), Smt. Diksha Tiwari (Media), Smt. Nilanjana Mukharjee (Health), Mrs. Suparna Nanda (Business), Smt. Rashmi Sahoo (Business), Ms. Gungun (Fashion), Smt. Banita Maharana (Public Service), Smt. Anjali Chhotray (Public Service), Shri Mitesh Khimji (Business),Shri Akash Das Nayak (Entertainment) and Shri Dilip Tirkey (Sports & Fitness),

Awardees - Smt. Bhawana Singh (Education), Swagatika Samantaray (Education), Smt. Sofia Alam (Politics), Smt. Saswati Mishra (Politics), , Smt. Jyoshnamayee Parida (Politics), Smt. GM Alakananda (Sports & Fitness), Smt. Shatabdi Nanda (Sports & Fitness), Smt. Sheena Kaur (Business), Smt. Smeeta Jesthi (Business), Smt. Anwesha Nanda (Fashion), Smt. Shrutiksha Nayak (Fashion), Smt. Jayashree Dhal (Entertainment), Smt. Ankita Mohanty (Entertainment), Smt. Pranaya Ballari Sahoo (Entertainment), Smt. Mandakini Jena (Entertainment), Smt. Bhoomika Dash (Entertainment), Smt. Subhrajyoti Das Nayak (Social Service), Smt. Niroja Laxmi Mohapatra (Social Service), Smt. Sabita Patnaik (Social Service), Smt. Madhuri Maa (Social Service), Smt. Shatarupa Smanataraya (Media), Smt. Arundhati Mallick (Media), Smt. Saumya Parida (Media), Dr. Banashree Baishya Swain (Health), Dr. Tanushree Satpathy (Health), Dr. Neena Padhi (Health), Dr. Mrinalini Nayak (Health), Smt. Babina Mahalik (Bravery), Smt. Rina Dakua (Bravery),, Smt. Chinmayee Bhuyan (Bravery), Smt. Kasturi Patnaik (Startup) and Smt. Asha Mishra (Startup)

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