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Admin 18-May-2021

Women’s Day Celebration 2021 - Women Bike Rally

How many times have you seen a female riding a bike? How many times have you seen 35 females riding bikes with 35 other ladies riding pillion?


It was a sight to behold when Jai Odisha - Shakti founder, Shri Rudra Narayan Samantaray flagged off a female biker rally. What made the rally special was that all the bikes were driven by girls and the girls in the back seat were holding placards with messages promoting women empowerment.


The rally started at Durga Mandap, Saheed nagar and ended at the Mahila police station, Bhubaneswar. 


A familial atmosphere was seen at the police station where all the citizens were warmly welcomed.


All the police women of the police station under the leadership of IIC Banita Maharana were felicitated recognizing their hard work and their service.


Speaking on the occasion, Rudra bhai, as he popularly called, said that true women empowerment lies when women are in the driving seat and men whole heartedly follow. He said that he was overjoyed to see young girls driving the message home that they are empowered and in no way to be taken lightly.


True showcasing of women empowerment indeed !

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